Isometric Exercises Benefits for a Flat Belly

By on July 15, 2013

Isometric exercises are a forgotten practise nowadays for great ab development. There isn’t a person out there who doesn’t dream of having a flat belly and tight abs but making this dream come true for most of us seems out of reach; well it doesn’t need to be. The first thing to understand that it’s the exercises you do that make all the difference; and it isn’t just doing 100 sit ups a day (a big waste of time if you want to see quick results). You need to make Isometric exercises a big part of your ab building/flat belly workout regimen.

Isometric exercises are also referred to as static action resistance exercises; because resistance is the primary factor to the results the exercises deliver. Isometric exercises increase and strengthen muscle mass which in turn burns additional calories at rest. Isometrics address strength over muscle gain, but strength is one of the key elements that the core muscles should be providing. One of the advantages of having tight, supportive core muscles is not just the practical gains, but how they lead to a great looking, flat belly and stop the distended belly look. It’s the development of the internal muscles that develops the well sculpted abs we all want. If you have a belly you want to get rid of, isometric exercises will not slim down your abdominal fats, so you’ll also want to include high intensity Cardio training as well which will burn off the fat.

Following are 3 examples of isometric exercises


isometric vacuum exerciseThe Isometric Power Abdominal Vacuum

This is actually a forgotten exercise. You can do this exercise in a number of positions, and just about anywhere; you just need to make sure that your posture is correct when you are performing them. To begin doing them standing, the first step is to pull in your abs as if you are pulling your belly button to your spine and keeping your abs tight. Inhale and exhale slowly keeping the same position for 20 to 30 seconds. Once you start to improve you can go for a minute, make sure to hold your abs tight.

isometric chair exerciseThe Isometric Chair

Sitting on your chair following the same principle as the abdominal vacuum, suck in your stomach and tense your abs, but know lift your feet off the floor adding a little tension hold this for 30 seconds and when improving go for a minute. You can also push your knees down as you get better with your hands again adding some more tension.

The Plank Isometric Exercises

isometric exercisesThere are various plank exercises (all highly effective) that work on different parts of your abs. The front plank exercise is a great choice for beginners; you just need to lie down, face facing the floors and put your forearms on the ground, shoulders even with your elbows. Next get up on your toes from that position and then hold for half a minute to a full minute. Then return to the first position after a brief pause and repeat. Side planks are more challenging and require flexibility and strength; check out some online videos to get an idea on how to do them correctly work with a personal trainer.

Doing isometric exercises on a regular basis will improve flexibility, build strength, improve muscles after surgery, and are particularly beneficial when it comes to knee, hip and shoulder joints. Isometrics can also minimize arthritis symptoms, improve bone density, and lessen the risk of osteoporosis; all the more reason to make them a part of your exercise program.

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