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By on November 29, 2011


A superset is performed in the gym by combining different exercises back to back with minimal or no rest. In this instance, minimal rest is the time it takes you to use the next piece of equipment for your exercise. The superset principle involves either training the same muscle; front legs (quadriceps) for example, or opposing muscles; front legs and back legs (hamstrings). The benefits for your six-pack training are supersets raise the intensity of your workout, raise your metabolism, burns fat most effectively during your weights-resistance program and saves time spent working out.

Training opposing muscles should involve a pushing movement in one set and a pulling in the other and this is known as an antagonistic movement. This really exhausts your muscles and elevates your workout to a fat-burning, as well as muscle building session. The journal of strength and conditioning researchers have revealed that when compared to standard sets of resistance training you can expect to burn as much as 25% more fat with antagonistic supersets. Antagonistic supersets pushes blood between the muscles being worked resulting in your metabolism peaking and building more muscle.

Antagonistic Superset Combinations example:

Primary target muscle First Set (8-10 reps) Second Set (8-10 reps) 4-6 sets for full workout
Chest /Upper Back Bench Press Bent over row (workout 1)
Back and front legs Barbell back Squat Hamstring curl (workout2)
Chest /Upper Back Dumbbell chest press Lat pull downs (workout 3)

compound exercises

Combine a set of dead liftswith Bench press to burn fat and build muscles

 Whilst antagonistic supersets are best for burning fat, you can also use different variations which are only slightly less effective, but build muscle and add a little variety to your sessions. Pre-exhaustive supersets involve using different exercises, but going heavy on the first set and lighter on the second set, which will exhaust your muscles. Target a single muscle with an isolation exercise; try dumbbell press for the shoulders, then your second set should be a compound movement which will recruit shoulders and multiple muscle groups like the Barbell clean and shoulder press; now your shoulders will be burning and be exhausted. Complete three more supersets before moving on to the next body part.


Superset Combinations example

Primary target muscle      First Set (8-10 reps)       Second Set (8-10 reps)           4-6 sets for full workout

Isolation exercise              Compound movement

Chest                            Cable flyes                               Bench Press                          (workout 1)

Upper Back                     Dumbbell Rows                        Barbell Deadlift                    (workout 2)

Front Legs           (quadriceps) Leg extension                Front squats                          (workout 3)


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